Patricia Goméz, Balearic health minister, second right. | E. Q.

The regional health minister, Patricia Goméz, announced on Thursday that an interdepartmental committee is to be formed which will coordinate the monitoring of coronavirus and the dissemination of information to the public regarding the spread of the virus. Various ministries, the island councils and the Felib federation of town halls will all be represented.

Goméz said that the Balearics are currently at the "first stage of containment, for which there is at present no positive case and the aim is to avoid any spread of infection". Subsequent stages, she explained, could be those of "controlled transmission" and then of "more generalised transmission".

The government, she added, is finalising a protocol for medical attention at home for anyone who might test positive and whose state of health and family and social circumstances allow this. If it is possible to let people stay at home, this will prevent congestion in hospitals, while people could well be more comfortable. Daily attention and monitoring will be given by specially trained personnel from health centres.

There will be eight home-attention units in Majorca, with four in both Minorca and Ibiza and one in Formentera. They will each include a driver, a doctor and a nurse and will be on stand-by as from next week.