Graphic of Fixed Radars fines in Majorca.

Graphic of Fixed Radars fines in Majorca.

27-02-2020Ultima Hora

The DGT’s haul from speeding fines plummeted by 6,401,000 euros in 2019 compared to the year before and the number of people caught by the eight fixed radars in Majorca fell by 64% last year, according to Europa Press data.

The radar on the Ma-1 in Calvia in the direction of Santa Ponsa was the biggest moneymaker, raising 2,471,400 euros, which is 40.6% less than the 4,163,900 it made in 2018.

Infringements on the Ma-2200 between sa Pobla and Pollensa came second, netting the DGT 340,000 euros, a slump of 38.3% from 552,000 euros the year before.

The Ma-4020 between Manacor and Porto Cristo, took third place with a revenue of 165,200 euros in 2019, a whopping 75.9% lower than the previous year, when it brought in 687,000 euros.

Revenue from the Ma-19 in Llucmajor amounted to 137,800 euros, and speeding fines on the Ma-14 totalled 100,700 euros.

Cash from speeding fines on the Ma–12 connecting the Artà and Alcúdia was down by 64.6%, by 96.7% on the other Ma–19 radar between Llucmajor and Campos and by 89.8% on the Ma-13.


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Mila / Hace about 1 year

What does this article mean? Drivers beating the radars? Are drivers somehow evading being caught by radars because they know the location of the radars?


James / Hace about 1 year

The box on MA-15, between Sant Llorenc and Manacor isn't shown or listed. Is it dead now? I hope so, as I was daydreaming last week on my way to Palma - forgot all about it - and blew through it BIG time.


Marc / Hace about 1 year

Great. Now let’s get the revenue back up by installing a few red light cameras in Palma to deter the crazies from jumping them day in day out. Whenever I’m out and about in town I’m constantly dismayed by the poor driving I witness - and the lack of police control or sanction.


MelB / Hace about 1 year

How pleased the authorities must be, because as we know these cameras are positioned purely for safety reasons!!!