Accident on Palma's Via Cintura.

01-03-2020Guillermo Esteban

An eight-car pile-up on the Via Cintura in Palma caused long tailbacks in both directions on Sunday afternoon.

The accident occurred at just before 18.00 near the Soller exit in the Andratx direction. Four people had to be taken to hospital, but they were not seriously injured.


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Steve / Hace about 1 year

What with the complete disregard for speed limits, overtaking lanes, separation gaps and braking distances, along with the lack of indicator use and macho type aggression, - even by females, I've always been astounded that this doesn't happen ten times a day here...


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Very obviously all driving up each other backsides. It’s a terrible trait here. all of a sudden drivers here need to be the fastest and pressure those in front to get out of their way by filling your rear mirror completely and flashing you, whilst you are overtaking another vehicle! So much for the easy relaxed lifestyle of Spain. Not on the roads.