Zero tolerance raids in Palma. | A. Sepulveda/CNP

Ten people were arrested and more than 150 fined during raids on Clubs and Leisure Facilities in Palma over the weekend.

Balearic Police headquarters says joint operations involving various units of the CNP Citizen Security Brigade and the Green Patrol of Palma Local Police are paying off.

Eight locations were inspected in the Paseo Marítimo, Plaza Gomila, Carrer d’Aragó, Carretera de Manacor, Cas Capiscol and Pere Garau in response to rising crime rates in Palma and neighbourhood complaints.

10 people were detained, including 4 minors who were allegedly responsible for 3 robberies with violence in the Paseo Marítimo in Palma on Saturday.

The suspects allegedly attacked the victims and stole their money and one person was forced to withdraw cash from an ATM and hand it over. Two people were also arrested in Can Pastilla for trying to steal an expensive mobile phone.

Local Police say more than 30 premises were sanctioned for irregularities during the raids, including 19 for the consumption of narcotic substances and 3 for possessing illegal weapons.

All clubs and leisure premises in Palma are subject to inspections of security personnel qualifications, contracts and licences.