More strong winds forecast in Majorca. | Jaume Morey

Put your bikini back in the drawer you won’t be needing it this weekend, according to Aemet we are in for some pretty atrocious weather.

The wind is whipping up yet again and it’ll be gusting at 60-70 kilometres an hour by Thursday afternoon and it’ll get worse.

Aemet has activated a yellow warning for gusts up to 80 kilometres an hour on Friday, with stormy seas, high waves and scattered showers forecast island wide.

The wind will be howling all night long and the alert will be upgraded to orange between 18.00 on Friday and 03.00 on Saturday as rough seas produce 4 metre high waves.

Things will calm down again by mid-morning but coastal areas will still be extremely blustery and it will feel colder as temperatures drop by 4º-6º degrees.

And just to top it all off hailstorms are expected in some areas of Majorca over the next couple of days.