Commuters protest over lack of trains at Palma Intermodal station. | Youtube: Ultima Hora

At least 20 protestors staged a peaceful demonstration at the Intermodal station in Palma on Thursday to vent their anger about the lack trains.

They gathered at the entrance to the station during rush hour, shouting slogans and holding up posters to complain about the cut in frequency of trains since the last legislature.

"We want: more trains, more capacity, more frequencies and better treatment by SFM and Mallorca Transport Consortium” stated the posters.

The deletion of express services to and from Palma in the early mornings a couple of weeks ago has also provoked anger amongst commuters.

Last January, the Minister of Mobility and Housing, Marc Pons, struck an agreement with the SFM unions to increase the workforce and address an increase in frequencies in the second half of 2021.

The Government reduced the frequency of SFM trains by 31% in March 2017 although later increased them by 17%, but the number of people travelling by train in Majorca has increased by 25% since 2015.

One person was detained by Security Personnel at the Intermodal station during the demonstration for passing through the barrier.