No more of this type of enclosure. | Angie Ramón


An online petition has been raised that is calling for the repeal of Palma's public way bylaw. This is specifically to do with regulation for terraces, which the petition states is only creating conflict that will have an impact on Palma residents and the city's hospitality industry.

"We strongly believe that there should be a return to fostering life in public spaces, including consumption on terraces, so as to create an environment that is now scarce in Palma."

There should be enjoyment of the streets of "this beautiful city", which is populated by its people as well as by "tourists who provide us with our main source of income". People are asked to sign the petition in the knowledge that not everyone is in agreement with "nefarious management". There should be "no more obstacles to the already difficult task of being an entrepreneur in Palma".

The petition on has the title "Derogar la ordenanza municipal de occupación de la vía pública de Palma de Mallorca".