The largest number of street artists in Palma are in Calle Sant Miquel Street. archive photo | S Amengual

Street artists will be allowed to work anywhere in Palma by the end of April, according to the Councillor for Participated Citizens & Internal Governance, Alberto Jarabo.

Palma City Council is proposing an amendment to the decree on street artists and plans to discuss the issue with neighbours and opposition parties.

“Allowing artists to work in other parts of the city, is key,” said Councillor Jarabo. “We want to stimulate their activity beyond the historic centre because they have artistic qualities that can be enjoyed by residents in other neighbourhoods.”

The regulations will not veto any area of ​​the city, but the artists will be assigned to places that are busy.

"The intention is to be able to carry out specific activities with them in parks in almost any neighbourhood, but they will have fixed locations in specific areas where there are more people," he said.

But, Eva Pomar, spokesperson for Palma Ciudadanos says the City Council is ignoring complaints from residents who are concerned that the new regulations will mean they have to put up with insufferable noise all day long.

"The problem suffered by the residents of the centre should not be transferred to other neighbourhoods, it is not pleasant for anyone to have to listen to music underneath their house for 16 hours a day,” she said.