More raids and arrests as part of Operación Cróatlo. | Guardia Civil

The latest phase of Operación Crótalo, a major Guardia Civil drugs operation, has led to the arrests of eight more people.

On Saturday, the Guardia released information regarding raids and searches that were carried out towards the end of last month. Seven addresses were raided. These were in Lloret de Mar, Badalona and Canovelles (Barcelona), Valencia, Molina de Segura (Murcia), and in Palma and Inca.

Seizures from the raids included 5,700 marijuana plants, 1.5 kilograms of ecstasy, various quantities of hash and cannabis resin, 70,000 euros cash, three vehicles and a large number of mobile devices.

Some thirty people have now been arrested in all. As well as the drugs seized last month, 87 kilos of cocaine had previously been seized. Three laboratories for making drugs - one for cocaine, two for hashish - have been closed down. One of these was in Lloret - a three-storey building used to grow marijuana, turn this into hash and then prepare the drug for sale and distribution.

Five of the eight people arrested are now on remand. The operation has been led by the criminal police and organised crime squad based in Algaida.