There have been various calls about people posing as officers. | S. Garcia - Archive

A 40-year-old man has been arrested for having attempted to pass himself off as a National Police officer.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning (this was just after 3.30), he went to a property near Parc de ses Estacions in Palma and rang the bell. A woman, who lives alone in the apartment, was shown what seemed to be National Police ID over the video intercom. She was told that there had been a report of mistreatment. Suspicious, she contacted 091, the National Police number. There was no record of an officer attending an incident in the area.

A patrol car was sent, and the individual was spotted in the street. Officers spoke to other residents who said that they had experienced the same thing as the woman. The man was arrested, and it was established that he and two others had done something similar in February. Claiming to be with the National Police family unit, they had gone to a bar in Coll d'en Rebassa, where they searched customers and took marijuana from them.

It is understood that 091 has received various calls in recent days about individuals posing as officers.