At least 40 people living in El Molinar settlement. | Ultima Hora

Neighbours in El Molinar are complaining that an increasing number of illegal shacks have been built on public and private land in the Cami d’en Viquet and around the Rotlet Molinar football field in the last few months.

“These buildings are beginning to constitute a new and increasingly large shanty town settlement, such as Son Banya, El Secar or Sa Riera," says the President of the Associació de Veïns es Born del Molinar, Miquel Obrador.

At least forty people are believed to be living in the settlement and one resident fears that more will arrive soon.

“This shanty growth is causing concern among Molinar residents, because it is a drug point, with illegal buildings and stolen and abandoned cars and people are worried that when Son Banya is dismantled, some of the inhabitants from there will decide to move to these suburbs,” he said.

According to Mr Obrador “the many families of gypsy ethnicity who are already fully integrated with us are the first ones to ask us to regulate this place, because it brings drugs and easy money within reach of their children.”

The President of the Federació de Veïnats de sa Ciutat de Palma says “there used to be four settlements, but since the opening of the Molinar to the Llevant motorway, there is a lot more traffic and many more shacks.”

Residents have sent a letter and photographs to Cort demanding that the settlement be dismantled immediately and the inhabitants be rehoused somewhere else.

“Some of the plots are privately owned and others belong to the Consistory,” said Mr Obrador.