New Port & Airport Restrictions for Balearic Islands. | Teresa Ayuga

The President of the Government, Francina Armengol, says stricter control measures are needed at ports and airports in the Balearic Islands to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

She said the decision to cease air and sea connections with risk zones was taken at a meeting with Social and Economic representatives at the Consolat de la Mar Social on Thursday.

The President insists that the Government has taken the appropriate measures from very first minute the virus started to spread and that decisions taken have been coordinated with all other Administrations.

"Our resolution yesterday was tougher than in other communities because we are an island," she said, and every event that builds people up has to be postponed."

She also revealed that the Government has requested that those affected by ERE be paid unemployment and that measures be put in place to provide liquidity to companies. A Monitoring Commission has been created with unions and employers to monitor those affected by ERE.

A Working Commission will also be convened on a regular basis to agree on economic measures that will mitigate the effects of the epidemic.

Francina Armengol acknowledged that are 21 people in the Balearic Islands with coronavirus and one death in Majorca and urged the public to take all possible personal measures to prevent contagion.

"My first message is of condolence and support to the patients who’ve been admitted and their family members,” she said.