Entrance to Emergencies at Son Espases Hospital | Pilar Pellicer

A Son Espases healthcare worker who is under quarantine after a patient died from coronavirus says she is worried that she may have put other patients at risk claiming the hospital didn't test her for several days.

"During these five days I have cared for the woman who has died, but I also treated other immunosuppressed patients," she said.

She also criticised Son Espases Hospital for giving staff contradictory information.

"My supervisor told me on Wednesday that I would no longer be working but then Occupational Health called me to say I had to go to work. I have had very direct contact with this patient," she said.

The Healthcare worker does not have coronavirus symptoms but says it’s vital that employees are tested to rule out suspicion in the workplace.

"I am not worried about myself, only about my mother and my father and those who’ve been admitted, in case I have spread the disease to others without knowing it," she said.

The Health Minister, Patricia Gómez claims that all of the workers who were sent home "are professionals who have no symptoms" and pointed out that the Inter-Territorial Council recommendation is 14 days of quarantine, but that "several communities have already called for it to be flexible".

Son Espases Hospital staff perform PCR tests for coronavirus twice a day at 0800 and 1500 and 251 have been carried out since the health crisis began.