Councillor Ivan Sevillano at the scene of the landslide.


One of the lanes on the Alaro-Orient MA-2100 road is reopening on Saturday, the road having been closed since there was a landslide resulting from Storm Gloria in January. From 19.00 the one lane will be open and a traffic light will operate to allow traffic to move in both directions.

The Council of Majorca's councillor for mobility and infrastructure, Iván Sevillano, says that work will continue at the greatest speed possible in order to fully reestablish traffic flow but without endangering users' safety. A second phase involves the installation of containment mesh anchored to rock and work on adjacent slopes.

The project started in early February, it having been declared emergency work. Because of its complexity, work was scheduled to take two months. The cost is 652,000 euros, half of which is due to be paid by the Spanish government because of the emergency work classification.