The woman was in court on Thursday. | Guillermo Esteban

A woman has been fined 608 euros for attacking two National Police officers in Palma.

The incident occurred on the second of March last year. The woman had gone to the police headquarters in order to make a report. She parked in a space reserved for official vehicles. Two officers told her that she couldn't park there. She responded angrily, calling them "disgusting dogs". When one of the officers took her by the arm in order to take her inside, she gave him a slap. She was arrested and then twisted the wrist of an officer and tried to bite him.

The prosecution had called for a sentence of six months. The judge at the court in Palma took account of her "mental alteration", and agreement was reached on the fine and the payment of 90 and 120 euros to the two officers because of injuries caused.