Armed Forces prepared to respond to State of Emergency. | Ultima Hora

All active soldiers in Spain as well as the National Police and Guardia Civil are reported to be on alert and ready to isolate the capital as soon as the State of Emergency is approved by the Cabinet.

But the Ministry of Defence says that any images circulating on social media allegedly showing military convoys already entering Madrid are fake.

The drastic new measures to combat coronavirus were announced by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez on Friday, who also said all state resources would be mobilised to protect the health of citizens.

"Economic and health resources, both public and private, both civil and military, for the protection of all citizens,” he said.

The Ministry of Defence recently said that mobilisation of the Armed Forces was unlikely because Spain was not yet in that scenario, but the Army, Navy and Airforce have made it clear that, if and when they’re needed, they're ready.

The Military Emergency Unit, or EMU, which has biological capabilities and NBQ claims it hasn't been given any specific orders for the State of Emergency, but the EMU has reportedly been taking extra security measures against the coronavirus over the last few days by strengthening the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health with some instructions of their own.

The Army is capable of setting up field hospitals for primary surgery, intensive care, CT scans, laboratory tests and other medical needs in record time and there are two military hospitals in Spain, the Gómez Ulla Central Defence Hospital in Madrid and the General Defence Hospital in Zaragoza.