Residents only parking in Arta old town. | Ultima Hora

The historic centre of Arta is to being turned into a residents only parking zone.

The City Council says the new traffic by-law has been introduced to try to reduce the number of visitors taking up spaces.

The details of the new regulations were due to be unveiled at an Assembly meeting next week, giving neighbours the opportunity to voice any concerns they may have, but the meeting has been cancelled because of coronavirus containment measures.

"Residents have shown their concerns about this measure but we will inform them of all the details before launching it. The idea is to implement it when we can. Parking in the centre will be allowed for vehicles making deliveries,” said Mayor Manolo Galán.


Parking badges have been sent to residents which must be placed in the windscreen of their cars to allow them to park in the designated areas.

All of the streets affected by the new restriction are in the old town and the green spaces for residents have already been painted. New restricted ACIRE parking has also been established in the city centre for residents.

There are five public car parks in Arta where residents and visitors can park their vehicles and four ACIRE areas.

There is one between Carrer Nou and Carrer de na Batlessa, in a section of Carrer d’Antoni Blanes Joan; another in Plaça del Conqueridor; the third includes Carrer de Pep Not, Carrer del Mestral and a section of Carrer de Ciutat and the fourth area is between Carrer de Josep Melià i Pericàs and Carrer de Santa Catalina.

Arta City Council says the changes being made are in response to the demands of residents who have complained of difficulty in finding parking spaces in Arta.