Only residents are authorised to use Acire zones. | Archive

The Palma Ombudsman, Anna Moilanen, has identified fines that have been incorrectly levied for infringements of regulations governing Acire restricted traffic zones. Her office has therefore insisted that the town hall annuls these fines.

Moilanen's attention to this was brought by a woman who had amassed fourteen fines for driving in an Acire zone without authorisation. Her car registration plate had been detected by a camera reader. This woman is in fact a resident of the old centre of Palma and has the right to an Acire card.

As if this wasn't enough, she never received notification of the fines. When she became aware of them, almost a year had passed since the first was issued. The total of the fines, which in some instances had trebled, was 2,547 euros.

The city's ombudsman has denounced the "clear defencelessness" of the woman who has been fined. Had she received them in the first place, she could have challenged them and had them withdrawn.

Moilanen is demanding that the town hall annuls the fines as the woman should not have been fined as she had the right to the Acire and that it returns all money to her.