A new rise in the number of cases coming to court. | Miquel À. Cañellas

In 2019, courts in the Balearics were presented with 1,851 cases of gender-based violence. The General Council of the Judiciary's figures indicate that these were up by 36.5%. The number of female victims was 1,773. Of all the cases, 751 applied to non-Spaniards.

The national average rate of violence against women was 67.3 out of every 10,000 women. The rate in the Balearics was far higher; it was the highest in the country - 109.5. In Valencia, in second position, the rate was 90.4. In the Canaries it was 89.9. The lowest rate was 42.4 in Castile and León.

Guilty verdicts were returned in 70.54% of gender-based cases. This was the highest percentage ever. In the whole of Spain, courts were presented with 168,057 cases. These represented an increase of 0.67% over 2018. Of the total number of cases, 161,378 applied to women - a 1.76% increase - while almost 33% were non-Spaniards.

There was a four per cent rise in the number of protection orders issued by Spain's courts - 47,260 in all.