The Guardia Civil displayed various items that were recovered. | Alejandro Sepulveda

On the ninth of December 2016 just before midnight, the owners of a property in Arta returned home and were confronted by two robbers wearing ski masks, who had got into the property through a door from the swimming pool.

The man was immobilised by a taser and was then threatened at knife point into handing over his wallet, which contained 250 euros. The couple were made to open a safe, which had jewellery and watches, while a bag belonging to the woman - with 5,000 euros and more jewellery - was taken.

The robbery didn't end there. The woman was bundled into the boot of her Audi A1, while the robbers forced the man, again at knife point, to drive his Audi Q3 to a cash machine nine kilometres away in Sant Llorenç. They were handed 550 euros.

Meanwhile, the woman had managed to get out of the car and run off to advise the Guardia Civil. When the robbers arrived back at the property, they found that the woman was no longer in the car. They left the man and drove off in the Audi A1 to the house of 34-year-old "El Lechuguín", who had been the one who had information about the couple's property and had proposed the robbery to a 33-year-old who was one of those who carried it out.

Arrests were made towards the end of January 2017. The prosecution service is now calling for 15-year sentences for all three of those involved with the robbery and for compensation of 52,000 euros to be paid to the couple, who are both pharmacists. At the time of the crime, the man was 74.