Antoni Lliteres entertains neighbours under lockdown in Palma. | Youtube: Ultima Hora

Antoni Lliteres has been entertaining neighbours in the El Fortí neighbourhood of Palma since the lockdown over coronavirus began at the weekend.

His first performance was on Sunday at sunset, surprising neighbours as his voice rang out from a balcony up high in Plaza Madrid.

Antoni who's originally from Arta and has starred in numerous stage productions all over the world, says he was inspired by Italian singers who were entertaining their neighbours under lockdown.

“My colleagues in Italy already had the initiative and I thought I could do the same. It cost me a lot, I have never been so nervous and I have sung in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​the United States, Italy, and France but I was much more nervous on Sunday,” he admits.

Antoni says he chose to sing the classic ‘O Sole mio’ first, because it is a “shocking, fresh” theme. When he started singing, neighbours began to appear on their balconies to listen and he says their response was overwhelming.

"I did not know how the audience in front of me would respond at the time and it was a beautiful, magnificent response and I am going to make a video every day before sunset," he said.

Videos of him singing have gone viral on social networks because of the quality and passion he puts into every performance.

Antoni Lliteres was a teacher before he turned his passion into a profession and was the first Majorcan to sing as the protagonist in La Zarzuela.

Now he delights his neighbours every day at sunset, diverting their attention away from the trials of the coronavirus crisis for a just few precious minutes as his voice rings out from a balcony on Carrer de Francesc Martí i Mora in Palma.