Work at the marina in Can Picafort. | Lola Olmo

Residents living on the seafront in Can Picafort are the latest to express their concern about work at the yacht club, which is just a short distance from beaches.

Ports IB, i.e. Ports de les Illes Balears, the regional government's ports authority, has clarified that the yacht club's concession holder does have authorisation to undertaken work to improve and adapt the marina. This does not, Ports IB stress, entail expansion.

The authorised work is to the breakwater and outer wall and it entails a lengthening of seventeen metres and the construction of a wall. A new building on the breakwater is also planned and will be for the club's sailing school. A ramp is also to be built.

The ports authority adds that the project is in order to provide the marina with the necessary facilities for supply of fuel for boats, be these for recreational or professional purposes. There are also improvements to lighting and electricity supplies. This current work is costing one million euros and is part of a three million euro project for improvements at the marina.

In the past few weeks, there have been complaints from the Can Picafort port residents association and the environmentalists GOB regarding the closure of paths at the marina and dredging work.