Spain under lockdown to beat coronavirus. | Wendy Wighton Urquhart

A man has been arrested in Palma for breaking the coronavirus lockdown laws three times.

He was stopped twice in Plaç de Sant Antoni on Tuesday and warned by Police that there were restrictions in place under the State of Emergency.

Police say that when he returned a third time and had clearly been drinking alcohol, they had no choice but to detain him.

The restrictions have been in place in the Balearic Islands for four days now and according to the Government Delegation, most of the population is showing "solidarity and respect" for the measures put in place to contain the COVID-19 virus.

The National Police and Guardia Civil are coordinating with Local Forces to inform residents who are walking on public roads that there are movement restrictions in force to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

There have been several incidents since the State of Emergency was decreed by the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez on Saturday.

On Monday, four people were fined for drinking alcoholic in the street.

On Tuesday, the National Police closed down a sports centre after two people were discovered playing paddle tennis in the compound.

A tourist was sanctioned for wandering around Palma Cathedral taking photographs, despite repeated instructions from Police to stop and return to their accommodation.

Two people were detained in Son Banya for walking in the street for no reason and a person was sighted in Manacor for sneezing at someone then bragging about it.

At least three people were sighted in Ibiza for violating the restrictions by driving around the streets.

Anyone who is caught walking or driving in the streets without good reason during the coronavirus lockdown will be fined between 600 and 30,000 euros.