Healthcare workers to check port and airport visitors. archive photo. 23-08-2011 | Jaume Morey

Ministry of Health staff will be manning ports and airports in the Balearic Islands, to find out why visitors are coming, what they’re bringing and check their temperature if necessary.

The air and sea restrictions take effect from midnight, limiting the movement of planes and boats with a daily connection to Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia as well as between the islands.

Executive Spokesperson, Pilar Costa, did not specify how many Health staff will be deployed at airports and ports but she did confirm that there will be no widespread quarantine and temperature checks will be done at the discretion of the Health Professionals.

Passengers travelling with just cause will still have to provide documentary evidence, and carriers will also have to prove that they are fulfilling a function that is exempt from the general prohibition of movement.

Truckers who take their vehicles to the Balearic Islands will have to travel in individual, previously disinfected cabins, which they will not be able to leave during the crossing, but they will be provided with food.

They must also comply with the general rules of hygiene and distance with respect to other passengers when they embark and disembark.

Workers at Palma Port claim that dozens of truckers who have already arrived in Majorca, shared cabins and socialised in common areas of the vessels.

They also allege that neither these carriers nor the operators performing the stowage work at port facilities have been provided with personal protective equipment by their companies.

According to Pilar Costa, the airlines will give passengers a brochure with preventive information, collect personal information and contact details and question visitors.

She also emphasised that travellers on International flights are also prohibited from travelling without just cause.

She insisted that Health Professionals on the islands do have sufficient material for their protection and treatment of the coronavirus crisis "right now," but hopes the Ministry of Health, will replenish supplies soon.

The Governing Council has been authorised to process emergency contracts "for what is essential to prevent or remedy the damages arising from the pandemic.”

The Executive has suspended the collection of leases to 82 companies located in the Parc Bit.