Image shows the car park as it was in 2017. | Francesca Marí


Environmentalists GOB want an amendment of the law governing the Es Trenc Nature Park in order to eliminate the Na Tirapel car park, which they maintain is a "clear ecological nonsense".

The project for this car park is currently open to a period of public consultation (the plan is to reduce its size), and GOB have made a number of submissions questioning it, saying that no environmental studies have been undertaken which support it. During the processing of the law for the nature park, GOB add, "there was not a single report" that proposed the maintenance of the car park, while up to eight studies have indicated that it would have a significant environmental impact.

GOB believe that the car park was "shoehorned" into the legislation via amendments, and they have denounced what they say has been an environment ministry promotion of a new report which neglects the conclusions of previous ones. The car park, in GOB's view, is a "shameful stain" on what was otherwise an historical declaration, namely the law for the nature park.

The Balearics Environment Commission is being asked by GOB to rethink the processing of the project. The "most reasonable" approach would be to amend the law in order to eliminate the car park.