Catalina Cladera (right), the president of the Council of Majorca. | Teresa Ayuga


The Council of Majorca is coordinating a tourism promotion plan that can be in place and activated immediately, once the state of emergency passes.

Meetings are being held via videoconference of the Majorca Tourism Foundation's advisory council, which brings together representatives from the public and private sector. These meetings are to decide on measures that will restore tourism as quickly as possible.

Council president, Catalina Cladera, says that although it is not known when there will be a return to normality, "Majorca should be prepared to target overseas tourism markets straightaway". One of the means for doing this is the Council's tourism promotion strategic plan. Having been worked on for several months, this is on the point of being published. It will, however, need some "restructuring" in order that if offers "a reliable roadmap for the challenges we will have over the coming months".

One specific measure which is on the table is a campaign aimed at the main markets while the crisis persists. This will stress that Majorca remains a leading destination in terms of quality, service, sustainability and security.

In addition, the Council's foundation will be contributing 750,000 euros to a 1.5 million euro co-marketing campaign.