Alcudia police will be patrolling alone. | Elena Ballestero - Archive

Since Monday, police officers in Alcudia have been patrolling alone rather than in pairs. This follows an officer having tested positive for coronavirus who is currently in Inca Hospital. Two other officers with symptoms are at home in isolation and awaiting the results of tests.

There are 49 police in all. For their car patrols, they are wearing masks and gloves and using gel disinfectant.

Mayor Barbara Rebassa says that some officers recently attended a security conference in Madrid. This could have been where the virus was picked up, although she adds that other officers have travelled from Majorca for personal reasons.

All the hygiene and safety measures required by the health service have been applied. The mayor stresses that there can't be a situation whereby the whole police force is in quarantine. Officers who aren't displaying symptoms "are adopting these extraordinary measures".

Deputy inspector Abelardo Mesias, head of the local police, emphasises that the main change for the time being is that officers are not allowed to share vehicles. In the event that police have to deal with an accident, two officers will attend but in separate cars.