Barman mixes 'Coronavirus' cocktail in Moscow Bar. | Reuters

A Moscow bar claims its found the perfect cure for stress caused by the global coronavirus crisis.

Razvedka Bar has been selling the 'coronavirus cocktail' since Wednesday.

The concoction comes in a glass full of ice with two medical syringes, one filled with a bright red liquid and the other one with a bright green liquid.

The Bar Manager, Anton Zagariya, is keeping schtum on the ingredients but says the cocktail was designed to stop Muscovites panicking as the country records an increasing number of cases of Covid-19.

“The idea for this cocktail came suddenly, just like the virus itself. We decided to try to lower the level of tension and panic," he says. "You still need to wash your hands and do what the World Health Organisation says, but there’s no need to panic, it doesn’t help anybody.”

According to the barstaff, the cocktail should be consumed when a person is overtaken by the desire to stock up on toilet paper and other products that they don’t really need.

As of Thursday, Russia had recorded 199 cases and one coronavirus-related death.