A police control in Palma | Miquel A. Cañellas

On Thursday night, the Guardia Civil detained a 33-year-old man who stole a computer and face masks from the PAC health centre in Arenal (Llucmajor).

Overnight on Thursday, the Guardia stepped up controls on main roads in order to check that people weren't travelling to second residences for the weekend; this is not a justifiable reason to be travelling. Some 1,500 vehicles on the Inca motorway were checked, and eight drivers were fined. These controls will be particularly evident throughout the weekend. The Guardia Civil have also intensified controls at marinas.

The National Police report that on Wednesday night an individual was detained in Palma for ignoring repeated orders to get off the streets. On Thursday, three other men were arrested. One was disobeying a police order; the other two were in a car which was driven in such a way that an officer had to take evasive action in order to avoid being knocked down.

Among the more unusual infringements of the current measures, the National Police have sanctioned a surfer at a beach in Manacor and a person who was climbing at the Dique del Oeste in Palma.

In Ibiza, a person was sanctioned for coughing on the public way without covering the mouth.

Also in Ibiza, specialists from the Guardia Civil's NRBQ unit (which is for nuclear, chemical and biological defence) undertook the disinfection of Can Misses Hospital on Thursday.