The warm weather in February brought forward the potato export season. | Juanjo Roig

In Sa Pobla, the potato export season is continuing despite the uncertainties caused by the crisis.

Joan Mateu of Mateu Export says that everything depends on what happens in the UK. The export is as it has been for some weeks, but any change could force producers into stopping work. For now, there is "normality", with all necessary health and safety measures being adopted and support being given to farmers.

Joan Company of the S'Esplet cooperative explains that in the past few days there were two more lorry loads than had been expected - ten in all. One of the main problems, he notes, lies with the obstacles to international transportation. "There are some carriers who don't want to come back to Spain."

S'Esplet is organising shifts so that as few a number of people are working together at the same time. Safety measures include the wearing of face masks.

Importing countries have as yet not made any extra demands regarding the packaging of the potatoes. There is confidence that, if there were, they could be complied with. However, there are worries that the UK and Scandinavian countries could impose product entry restrictions.

The current export season was looked upon with optimism because of the extension to Brexit negotiations. There still is, because the Sa Pobla potato is highly regarded in the UK. Joan Mateu adds: "There is the support of the British market, with which we have had a relationship for almost a century and which has backed us at very critical moments."

Mateu Export anticipates a total export for this year of 11,500 tonnes plus 2,000 tonnes for the Spanish market and 1,500 tonnes in the Balearics. It has 65% of the market; S'Esplet 35%.