Broken car window. archive photo | Ultima Hora

Two teenagers have been arrested for allegedly stealing from parked cars in Palma.

Neighbours in Carrer de Montserrat Mascaró, in the Son Cotoner neighbourhood of Palma, called Police at around 1045 to report that two boys were trying to force their way into a tourist’s car. They gave the National Police Officers a description of the suspects who launched a search.

When the officers found the boys, they claimed that they lived in the area and were on their way home, but during a search, police located gloves and some of the objects allegedly stolen from cars. The boys told Police that they need the gloves to protect them from coronavirus.

Both were charged with several alleged crimes of robbery with force.

Firm hand

National Police Officers have been running a special operation against car thefts for the last month, they’ve arrested numerous people and cleared up more than 20 robberies.