British PM, Boris Johnson introduces tough new coronavirus regulations. | Reuters/pool


The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has announced tough new measures in the UK to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

From midnight on Monday, people can only leave their homes:

To travel to and from work but only if absolutely necessary;
To exercise once a day, alone or with other household members;
To shop for basic essentials;
To buy medicine;
To care for vulnerable people;

All weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies are banned.

All shops that don’t sell essential items such as food and other vital supplies will be closed.

Libraries, playgrounds, tennis courts, outdoor gyms and churches will also shut down.

Parks will remain open and people will be allowed to use them once a day for exercise with a maximum of two people together.

The British Government announced on Friday that it will pay 80% of staff wages for those affected by the coronavirus closures.

The Police will be authorised to break up gatherings of more than two people and to issue fines for non-compliance but will use persuasion rather than force.

The new measures have been welcomed by the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon and by the First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford.