The bar in Paguera.


Calvia police report that on Thursday last week they were advised by residents that a bar in Paguera was open and that there were people inside.

The police found there were four customers plus the owner in the bar on Calle Palmira. One of the customers had hidden in the bar basement with his dog when he became aware of the police. All Germans who live locally, they were fined for breaching the state of emergency measures, which prohibit bars from opening.

Over the past week, Calvia police have issued over 200 fines. These range from 100 to 600 euros for least serious infringements of the state of emergency decree but up to 30,000 euros for the most serious.

On Sunday evening, the police paid tribute to work being done by health workers at the Santa Ponsa PAC. They parked cars in front of the health centre and sounded their sirens.


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James Davis / Hace about 1 year

thats roughly 60,000 euros they've made from fines ......should use that money to supply protective gear to healthcare workers and food for the poor.


John Parkinson / Hace about 1 year

Brain dead.Hope the other bar owners let this moron know what they think of him.