Balearic Nursing Homes to be inspected for Covid-19. | Jaume Morey

Police and Guard Civil Officers are to inspect Nursing Homes in the Balearic Islands to avoid Covid-19 from developing in the same way as they did in Madrid.

The Government is preparing to coordinate with the UME to disinfect transportation and the residences if necessary.

Government agents are maintaining "permanent telephone contact" with large stores, supermarkets and pharmaceutical services for any actions that need to be carried out in terms of public order and the transport of merchandise.

Security Forces will continue to monitor ports, airports and roads in the Balearics. On Monday 330 passengers arrived at Son Sant Joan Airport and 294 departed from Majorca on scheduled flights.

51 people arrived at Ibiza Airport and 25 others left the island while 77 landed at Menorca Airport and 17 left.

A sailboat from the Canary Islands with three foreigners aboard tried to dock in Palma without authorisation and was finally allowed to wait at the Real Club Náutico of Palma while the captain received medical treatment for his leg.

The doctor said that the haematoma he suffered should not prevent him from continuing to crew the ship and the Guardia Civil Officers filed an Administrative Act of Disobedience for breaching the restrictions established by the decree of the State of Emergency.

National Police, Guard Civil and Local Police are still carrying out road checks. On Monday they activated more than 300 surveillance devices and identified more than 5,000 people and 4,900 vehicles.


During the 10th day of restrictions there were no significant incidents in the Balearics and apart from a few exceptions, the majority of the population is respecting the agreed measures.

Two men were arrested in Palma on Monday for grave disobedience to the authority and violating the State of Emergency restrictions.

The Delegation of the Government said that Guardia Civil specialists cleaned the Sports Centre in Maó on Monday to install a production point of sanitary equipment and protection against the coronavirus pandemic.