Shopping streets are all but deserted.

25-03-2020Teresa Ayuga

Some 400,000 employees in the Balearics will be laid off temporarily as a consequence of coronavirus. As there is an average of 500,000 people registered with social security, the UGT union says that this layoff affects 80% of the islands' labour market.

ERTE temporary layoff regulations are being adopted in virtually all sectors of the regional economy, and there is naturally a great deal of uncertainty as to how long these will apply. The majority of businesses in the Balearics are in the services sector - tourism, retailing and hospitality are all but totally shut down for the time being.

With it being unclear as to when the tourism season might get under way, employers have been unsure about whether they should include employees with fijo discontinuo contracts in the ERTEs, regardless of whether these employees had been called back to work or not. The Spanish government has now given clarity on this, so these contracts will be covered, while the decree of emergency measures passed by the government means that employees affected by an ERTE cannot be laid off within a period of six months once they have returned to work.

The small to medium-sized businesses association Pimem wants the regional government to ask the Spanish government to reformulate this six-month period. The association says that regional characteristics and the employment contracts which are therefore issued are not being taken into account. In the Balearics there is a high level of seasonality, with many companies operating primarily in summer months.

Transport businesses in the Balearics will also be raising this issue with the regional government. From their point of view and that of other highly seasonal business sectors, if activity resumes in mid-summer, it will still finish by November. And by then, six months will not have elapsed.


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James / Hace about 1 year

Long story short, if she is lucky and has contributed long enough to the system and doesn’t have a foreign sounding surname, she may get around € 700 a month before the money runs out.


S.O. / Hace about 1 year

Not in this case Livewarp. Employers are doing the “trámites” electronically with the SEPE and the SOIB and anything that the employee has to sign is also done electronically. No papers or personal contact involved.


Livewarp / Hace about 1 year

Yes and every applicant is supposed to sign papers by hand and return them to their accoubtant who apparently needs to pass them on. An absolute joke just as expected😂😂


Stan / Hace about 1 year

There is a Lady I know who is a Hairdresser. Who relys totally on the nomal Season trade for income to pay for her Local and Apartment. As she is Self Employed is there any help to pay both rents now she has no.Income. Is there any Authority help? What happens to those who can not pay their rents as a direct result of loss of income caused by the Virus regulations ?