A National Police officer in Palma. | Alejandro Sepulveda

The national government delegation in the Balearics has thanked the public for observing the state of emergency measures, but police forces continue to take action against individuals who ignore them.

On Tuesday afternoon, the National Police were called to a supermarket in Palma by a security guard. There was a man (26 years old) who was "alarming" customers queuing for the checkouts. When officers arrived, he had gone, but they soon found him. He provided false identity, tried to touch the officers and was arrested for disobedience.

Also on Tuesday, the local police in Palma stopped a 21-year-old who was riding a bike in the centre of the city. He told officers that he had gone out to buy tobacco. After establishing that he lived in Pere Garau, some distance from where he had been stopped, he reacted by insulting the officers and pushing one of them. He was arrested for disobedience and assault.

In El Toro on Tuesday afternoon, the Guardia Civil arrested a person who was engaged in sport and who had been fined twice on Monday for the same reason. On this third occasion, the person was detained.

During Tuesday, the Guardia Civil, National Police and local police forces continued with controls on main roads across the Balearics. Over 4,000 vehicles were checked.