Fruit and vegetable production continues despite the drop in demand. | Ultima Hora


The Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries has announced that its investing 1,850,000 euros to stop the drop in production and sales of agriculture, livestock and fishing.

The Consellera, Mae de la Concha, says the aid will guarantee supplies and also absorb all available production.

The plan includes urgent measures for each Productive Sector with two basic priorities: assuring liquidity and maintaining prices.

De la Concha says 400,000 euros will go to the Fishing Sector which has been badly hit by the State of Emergency. The money will be used to provide liquidity for professional vessels so that they can continue to go out to sea and guarantee the viability of the fish market. Because of the huge drop in demand, fishermen are now working on alternate days, which means half of the professional fleet stays ashore.

400 thousand euros will also go to the Livestock Sector to support marketing and maintain current prices.

The Dairy Sector will receive 250,000 euros of aid for marketing and the storage of milk if necessary.

Fruit and Vegetable Producers will be given 600,000 euros to buy food, export potatoes and create a unique sales platform “to sell local produce.”

The Wine Sector can count on 100,000 euros to help pay for promotion in alternative markets and campaigns for the zero kilometre product or expansion of agricultural insurance.

"Now more than ever the Primary Sector must be valued as a strategic sector,” said De la Concha, who praised the initiatives that have been launched to deliver products to customers at home.

The measures will last until June 30 and may be extended if necessary. The Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries has already launched a price observatory to assess the evolution and costs of agricultural products, livestock and fish in large areas, markets and small establishments.