Cut & Go producing coronavirus masks in 2 minutes. | Youtube: Ultima Hora


A Majorcan Company is manufacturing masks for use by volunteers and professionals who are looking after patients with coronavirus in just 2 minutes.

Manuel Granero and Félix García from the Cut & Go Architecture, Decoration and Nautical company switched to makes protective face masks overnight.

“We have the technology, we have the machines and the know-how" says Manuel Granero. “This weekend we designed the prototype, on Tuesday we started manufacturing and we already have 1,000 masks."

Majorcan company making coronavirus masks in 2 minutes.

Cut & Go is already making protective masks in two minutes, but say that when their two new laser machines arrive they will be able to make them in 45 seconds.

"The goal is to make up to 20,000 face shields for Clinical use, Cleaning, Food & Supply, Security, Construction and private individuals, but the important thing is to attend to those in the front line first,” says Granero.

The masks are made of polycarbonate, which is a lighter than glass, more than 250 times resistant and can also be removed and cleaned with bleach.

The masks will be made available to the Medical Community with a specialised design that will be manufactured immediately.

“We want to be useful,” says Granero, but warns that they need more money to buy materials and continue manufacturing.

“We will have to pay a higher price for the raw materials for the next order," he says. "In a week, polycarbonate has become more than 300% more expensive on the Island.”

The Cut & Go masks cost 12 euros each to make but are being delivered free of charge to the Red Cross and Healthcare Personnel to protect them from the spread of the coronavirus.