Supermarket prices stable during coronavirus lockdown.

Supermarket prices stable during coronavirus lockdown.


The Price Observatory, which was launched by the Directorate General of Food Sovereignty Policies at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food as a result of the coronavirus crisis has concluded that prices in markets, supermarkets and stores stayed the same during the first week of lockdown.

The Observatory also detected that consumers have changed their habits and now tend to shop earlier in the day.

Prices are checked twice a week, at different times of the day, on Tuesdays and Fridays, and so far have remained more or less the same with just a three or four cent increase or decrease detected on the first day of observation. The Ministry said that a more detailed analysis of the data will be possible next week when more information is available.

The Observatory follows the prices of fruit and vegetables, eggs, fish, meat and basic products, both at origin and at the point of sale, including commodities, such as flour, oil, sugar and legumes.

The Observatory says people are buying more and that some products are selling out faster than others.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are popular and some fish stalls have closed early, especially in the markets. There's also less fresh fish available.

There is no shortage of basic products, although stocks of brown lentils and salt in one kilo format appear to be lower than usual and pasta and flour, are being snapped up the minute the shelves are restocked.


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