Half of the island's hotels may not open at all.

05-04-2020Gemma Andreu

In Minorca, there are some hoteliers who are preparing to open on the first of May, the day when the tourism season officially starts. But the reality is such that they will not. The state of alarm in Spain will extend beyond 26 April, Prime Minister Sánchez has made this much clear, while there will not be any travel movement from the European tourism markets.

Two key tour operators - Jet2 and Tui - are not envisaging there being holiday packages until 17 June and 1 July respectively. Many in the Minorcan tourism sector believe these dates are optimistic and are working on an assumption that the season will be confined to three months - August to October - and that there may not be any foreign tourists. As and when there is a resumption, it is being said that at least half of the island's hotels won't open at all this summer.

In 2019, Minorca attracted 1.3 million tourists, 67% of whom were foreign, with the UK the largest single market.


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E Weldon / Hace about 1 year

Are they forgetting?? Air travel- suspended until further notice! Spain will still be fighting Corina Virus as the rest of Europe - I don’t foresee Air travel resuming till late AUTUM possible next January??


Geoff / Hace about 1 year

For specialists in the hospitality section ... tourism expecting Hotels to open on May 1 is ridicules unfortunately the way things are Jet 2 and Tui are trying to be optimistic but clearly no one knows what restrictions will be put in place after individual country's lock down have finished and like it or not we will have to abide by the rules set on We visit the island every year 3 times a year and will be lucky if we manage to get over in September ans we are one of the lucky ones who will be able to afford it most people won't Accept it 2020 it a dead season finished before it ever started an unfortunate fact that we will all gave to live with Geoff