The abandoned yacht at Son Maties beach. | Michel's

At the end of 2019, Calvia town hall invited tenders for the removal and scrapping of the yacht that ran aground at Son Maties beach during a storm in April last year and which has been there ever since.

Abandoned, it has been vandalised and even used as a squat. The town hall had to be given authorisation by the Costas Authority to proceed with the removal of the yacht and its disposal. The report submitted by the town hall stated that the yacht had been abandoned and was subject to "looting, graffiti and damage". Given the go-ahead by the Costas, tenders were asked for, and the winning contractor - due to be paid 80,000 euros - had to ensure that the yacht was gone before Easter. The deadline was this coming Thursday, and the work had been scheduled for this week.

That was before the state of alarm was declared and non-essential activities were stopped last weekend. The town hall says that the deadline will have to be extended; there is now no specific date. Meanwhile, the town hall is making clear that the "irresponsibility" of the yacht's owners will not come free. It will be demanding payment of all costs related to the yacht's removal and scrapping.