Balearics transport minister Marc Pons during a video press conference.

06-04-2020Govern Illes Balears

Air traffic in the Balearics has fallen 99.3%. Regional transport ministry figures have compared passenger numbers for 31 March this year and the same day in 2019. There were 514 passengers compared with 76,313 a year ago.

Transport minister Marc Pons says that an objective of "total confinement" to stop the spread of coronavirus has been achieved.

There is some movement, but it is extremely limited. On the final day of March there were 380 passengers at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport compared with 60,398 last year. Of these, 142 were passengers arriving on inter-island flights (23) and on mainland/international flights. As for international flights, Monday this week was the first time there haven't been any.

At the state ports, there were 1,052 passengers compared with 18,360 last year - a 94% reduction. The majority of these passengers were drivers bringing goods to the islands.

In a videoconference on Monday with the directors of the three airports and representatives from the Enaire air navigation company, the national government's delegation, the Balearic Ports Authority, and harbourmasters in the Balearics, Pons said that the regional government expects there will be a gradual recovery of connections to the level that they were before the coronavirus crisis. He couldn't, however, put any date on when a process of "de-confinement" might start.

When there is a start, he observed, the airports and the ports will be ready. The de-confinement, he added, is unlikely to be standard across the country. As yet, the criteria are not known.


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Gareth / Hace about 1 year

Forgetting the fact that the headline in these circumstances should be that " Air passenger numbers have fallen 100% " does someone actually get paid to write this nonsense ?