There are currently 100 temporary workers in Majorca.


Within 48 hours of the Farmers Union having sought applications for temporary work, more than 1,000 were received.

The union and the Asaja agricultural businesses association had said earlier in the week that there will be a shortage of temporary workers this year. Normally, some 450 workers come from Colombia and stay for between six and nine months. They won't be able to this year.

The general secretary of the Farmers Union, Sebastià Ordines, says there are currently only 100 temporary workers in Majorca; up to 350 jobs are therefore on offer. Most of the applicants, he adds, are from workers in the hospitality and construction industries, "which reflects the poor situation in these sectors".

The CVs are being forwarded to farming businesses, the ones who have said they need workers. The Farmers Union, Ordines stresses, doesn't select people. He notes that "everything has changed". Earlier this year, the union made available 180 temporary jobs via the employment offices in Majorca. There were only twelve applicants. "This showed that people had work." But now they don't.


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