Construction is one sector that is restarting.

24-03-2020Gemma Andreu

The Balearic government has established protocols for workers in non-essential sectors who will be returning to work this week; some will already have returned, as the suspension was up to Thursday.

The minister of employment, Iago Negueruela, says that "the generalised use of masks must be guaranteed where it is possible to maintain a safety distance of two metres and especially where it is not possible".

Asked on Saturday about problems with the supply of masks, the minister pointed out that "companies which cannot guarantee the generalised use of masks can continue to benefit from the ERTE provisions". "We must put the safety of workers first and that of the population in general."

Protocols have been established for different sectors - commercial, construction, transport, waste collection, security, and cleaning. For all sectors, workers will have to take their temperature daily before going to work, wash their hands frequently and use personal protective equipment - which will differ according to sector.

Uniforms, for example, will need to be washed and disinfected daily. Returned products should be disinfected and placed in quarantine before being put back on sale.

The protocols include a questionnaire that has been prepared by the public health directorate. This will be for personnel of companies who resume activities in order to monitor safety procedures. Negueruela added that he hopes that companies "respect" the protocols.


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Zoe / Hace about 1 year

Testing is the answer and more and more companies and organisations have started testing their employees. Cost is not prohibitive , kits available,, Taking Temperature is not effective way to control the spread as many may not have a high temp even during active period of infection (ie, they can have other symptoms but not raised temperature).


zaax / Hace about 1 year

Most people are asymptomatic for 5 days


Stan / Hace about 1 year

If I had a personal Thermometer. I would check my Temperature. But I am in Lockdown.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

I wonder if this is a little too much, too fast. Would be nice if we could buy masks and other safety items though. Yet another thing this government failed miserably on. Begging in Europe for money, that they are masters in.