Massive traffic jams in Palma on Tuesday.

Massive traffic jams in Palma on Tuesday.

14-04-2020P. Pellicer

There were huge tailbacks on the the Via Cintura in Palma this morning after some of the coronavirus restrictions were lifted and many people were allowed to return to work.

The State of Emergency is still in place and traffic is nowhere normal levels, so many drivers were no doubt surprised to be caught up in traffic jams at pretty much every entry road to the capital on Tuesday morning.

More than 75,000 Construction workers and Industrial Sector employees are back at work in the Balearic Islands for the first time since businesses across Spain were temporarily closed on March 30.


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Kurt / Hace about 1 year

Well what a jam! One thing is indisputable: this has nothing to do with tourism which gets an unfair press on causing so many issues on the island.


S. / Hace about 1 year

Due to police checks perhaps?


Stan / Hace about 1 year

I am surprised at this mass exodus of vehicles saturating the feed roads into Palma. BUt, there will be NO BUSES. No Bus Lanes. So, how are those who can return to work. Get to work. If they are low on money. How do they pay for petrol?. I am fearful of a second wave of the Virus will cause an increase of infections on the Island. Deaths will increase, and a second much longer period of Lockdown will have to be instagated. Plus the picture illustrates there are far to many Cars etc. on this Islands roads.