National and Local Police and Civil Protection Volunteers distribute masks at Plaça d'Espanya and the Intermodal Station in Palma.

14-04-2020Youtube: Ultima Hora

The streets of Majorca were almost back to normal this morning as drivers flooded into cities and noise levels soared, signalling the end of total lockdown for thousands of workers in the Construction and Manufacturing Sectors.

For the last ten days there have been virtually no cars on Balearic roads, so the constant trickle of vehicles was a bit of a novelty at least until drivers got stuck in traffic.

National and Local Police Officers, Guardia Civil and Civil Protection Personnel were stationed at nerve centres in Palma and at bus and train stations throughout Majorca from the crack of dawn on Tuesday handing out face masks.

The Government has made more than 200,000 single use masks available for people who work on public transport and in environments where social distancing is impossible.


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S. / Hace about 1 year

I wouldn’t have thought that to be a very hygienic way to be handing them out. And the young lady at the beginning appears to pick one up by the white side, the side that goes against the face, the side you are not supposed to touch.


Stan / Hace about 1 year

I think it is far too early for the mass return to work. In about a Month we will be witnessing an increase of Virus infections.