Cheap flights would require more funding from the Spanish government.

25-05-2017Irene G. Ruiz

The Pimem federation of small to medium-sized businesses in Majorca believes that once the coronavirus crisis has passed, the Spanish government should approve an airport taxes exemption for the Balearics. In addition, Pimem is advocating the introduction of a thirty euros rate for plane and ferry travel between the mainland and the islands as a means of promoting tourism.

Jordí Mora, the president of Pimem, said on Tuesday that these measures would help to make the Balearics a "most attractive destination this summer". The Spanish government, he added, needs "a major drive" in pushing national tourism.

He noted that there is a pricing plan for flights to and from Sardinia - 37 euros and 46 euros for Rome and Milan. These are intended to promote tourism from mainland Italy. It is important, Mora said, "to learn from measures being applied for other Mediterranean islands".


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John Parkinson / Hace about 1 year

Get real ,it’s flights from U.K. ,Germany that you need to look at getting a discount for. Do you understand who spends the money on your island,if not your recession will last for a few years.


Andy / Hace about 1 year

This is ludicrous. Hey, why dont we go into lockdown in Mallorca, do a great job and then hey presto encourage people from Madrid (The third worst city on the planet for Covid deaths) to bring their virus with them on a €30 flight. You could't make it up!!