Top 10 bizarre excuses for not staying home during lockdown

Top 10 bizarre excuses for not staying home during lockdown

14-04-2020Ultima Hora

National Police officers have compiled a list of the most bizarre excuses people have come up with when they've been caught breaking the coronavirus lockdown. All of them are true and Police say those involved have either been cited or detained for being outside without a valid reason since the State of Emergency began.

1. The Regular offender
When a man wearing a tracksuit was stopped by Police in Carrer de General Riera at 2300, he claimed he was going to work, but Police say the only work the suspect is known for is the 24 previous arrests for robbery with violence.

2. Walking the dog, without a dog
When Police stopped a 32-year-old Spanish man at Can Pere Antoni beach one Sunday he claimed he was walking his dog, but there was no sign of a dog, the suspect had no lead for a dog and he lived three kilometres away.

3. The claustrophobic canary
A man with a birdcage in his hand was spotted strolling along Calle Santa Florentina in Son Gotleu at 0123 in the morning, told Officers, "I am walking the pet. I live in a very small apartment and the poor thing has claustrophobia."

4. It's the dog's fault
When a UPR patrol stopped a man with a dog in his car for breaking the coronavirus lockdown he told them that he wanted to buy baubles for his dog at the local store which is more than 10 kilometres from his home saying "my dog only ​​likes the ones they sell in that store.”

5. Total Strangers
Several times, people walking along the road deep in conversation have tried to pretend they didn't know each other when they saw the Police coming, only to be found out when their ID showed that they had the same surname and lived at the same address.

6. The workers
When two people are caught travelling in the same car they often claim they’re going to work. But one couple came a cropper in the Avenidas, when Police discovered they’d both been collecting unemployment for eight months.

7. The butane bottle
Police discovered a car with two boys inside at three o'clock in the morning and the suspects claimed they had run out of butane gas and were out buying a new bottle, but when questioned further one of them said, “Ok, you’ve caught me, I just can't stay at home anymore."

8. The Shoppers
Shopping for food is one of the few things that people have been allowed to do during the coronavirus lockdown and when Police questioned a group of teenagers standing around smoking in Plaça Fra Joan Alcina in the Son Gotleu neighbourhood of Palma they pulled out a tray of mince meat, a loaf of bread and a pint of milk claiming “we've just been shopping."

9. The loaf of bread
When Officers questioned a man who was walking along Calle Médico José Darder with a breadstick under his arm he said "I know my rights, I am allowed to go out and buy bread" and when they pointed out that the ID address was 5 kilometres away, he said “people can buy bread wherever they want."

10. The dog walker
A 20-year-old boy seems to have become the official dog-walker in Camp Redó, he’s been stopped with about ten different dogs and every time he says, "In these difficult times you have to be helpful to the neighbours.”


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