Alcohol, snacks and chocolate sales up by 50%

Alcohol, snacks and chocolate sales up by 50%

14-04-2020Ultima Hora

Spaniards, like the rest of us, are loathe to do without the favourite drinks and food they usually enjoy in bars and restaurants so they’re buying up large from local supermarkets and making them at home instead.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food reported a 50% increase in sales of wine, beer, spirits, chocolate, snacks and nuts.

"After a few weeks in which the basic products were bought and stored, there is a moderation in these purchases while increasing the acquisition of products that are usually consumed in bars and restaurants," said a Health Ministry spokesperson.

Meat consumption has gone up by 22.9%, with generalised growth in everything except mutton and lamb, which rose by 31% in week 13 then decreased by 21.3%. Processed meat sales were also up 19.3%.

Fish sales have stayed relatively stable compared to the same week last year with an overall increase of 0.7%.

Frozen fish was up by 37.9%; fresh fish dropped by 4.4% and canned fish was down by 0.7% during the 12th week, from March 16 to 22.

Fruit consumption is up 23.1% compared to the same week last year, a trend that began after the first few weeks of confinement.

More kilos of vegetables were bought, with fresh produce up by 31.2% and processed food by 31.6%.

Bread sales have increased progressively from week to week, with a 20% rise last week.

Customers are also buying a lot more flour and there has been a significant increase in sales in recent weeks.

Spaniards are famous for their home cooking skills, but the purchase of oven ready dishes increased by 23% this week.

Supermarket sales are up by 30/3%, traditional stores by 26%, hypermarkets by 9.2% and discount stores b 6%.

Internet shopping has gone through the roof with sales up by a whopping 84% in the last two weeks and a massive 25% jump in week 14.


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Zoe / Hace about 1 year

Another effect of this virus, weight gain, high cholesterol .... It is not only in Spain but everywhere. comfort eating, Sedentary life (be it temporary), not having much to do ... One has to be really disciplined to exercise at home as much as possible and limit intake of alcohol , chocolate and processed food but then again, not easy when one is bored and fed up