These are hard times. People are confined to their homes, only essential services are keeping the economy going and thousands of are living with uncertainty about their jobs. To support all of the citizens who are suffering the consequences of the coronavirus health crisis, Grup Serra has launched the campaign #MajorcaStandsTogether.

Together we will manage to overcome this bump on the road, businessmen, social entities, charitable groups, security forces, members of culture, sports, and leisure, all united under the same hashtag, remember they are still working to get ahead and as the anthem against COVID-19 has popularised, they will be "like a reed that bends but always stands back up". Many have already joined the campaign, which collects corporate phrases with which to keep their spirits up in these moments of concern.

#MajorcaStandsTogether is an initiative with which the Balearic society maintains contact with citizens thanks to a daily publication in the printed edition and a fixed section on the website, https://www.majorcadailybulletin.com

Carmen Serra, President of the Grup Serra, explains that “We are publishing this campaign in the media to fight together against this pandemic and transmit to our readers, subscribers and followers the messages of encouragement and support that we receive. Together we can do it!".

Join us: #MajorcaStandsTogether